Thursday, October 14, 2010

Halloween Birthday

My husband and I hate traditional. What is sad is that we are exactly that- Traditional. However, this year we are breaking the mold. We are stepping out. We are becoming new people. We are being innovative. We are not having a plain cake for our Halloween birthday! Okay, I know that it isn't THAT crazy, but we are getting there people!

Benjamin's birthday is October 22nd. We, mhm, I mean, I like to have people over, and I am very excited to try this new cake design I found.

HOW FUN!!! Now, that is NOT a traditional cake :). I think this will go really good with the candle project I just completed. Again, I can't show you MY pictures, because I still haven't found my camera cord. :( Someday, I will have money to buy a new one, but until then you get my inspiration pictures.

Instead of the Christmas lights in them, I found a few candles around my house to put in each one. That way I have a dual purpose. I have these little guys lining my kitchen window right now. They look (and smell) great!

I think with the perfect brown tablecloth and burlap (LOVE burlap) runner, my kitchen and dining room will be decorated just enough for the birthday party next Friday.

Do you have any other suggestions for me?