Tuesday, January 11, 2011

So This Is Love

Today, I want to write about the love of my life. Now, I do have many loves.

Shop - what girl doesn't!

Eat - bring on the chocolate, baby!

Cook - mainly because I like to eat, hehe

Read - especially in a bubble bath

and even -- WAIT FOR IT -- yes, Decorate!

But THIS LOVE is so much more than those loves. I LOVE my husband, Benjamin. I realize that him being gone for one.whole.week! isn't that bad, but I am still in that "my breath gets caught when you walk in the room" or "I blush when you look at me that certain way". You know what I am  talking about. Remember your wedding? When you just looked at each other and nothing could happen that could ruin the moment? I hope this feeling NEVER ends....

Okay, sorry, a little gushy, BUT I AM SO HAPPY HE IS HOME!!!, and I just had to let ya'll know. :P

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